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Consultancy in the area of assisted loans and financing Studio Ghersetti, well aware of the importance of obtaining the resources required for investment, provides assistance in obtaining assisted loans using public grants – both regional and national – as well as financing for the purchase of property and machinery and other forms of investment.

With our team of experienced professionals and advisors, who are all able to focus on the specific requirements of each client, Studio Ghersetti Mario provides a full range of fiscal, corporate and tax services.

Corporate consulting This service is intended for those who already have or intend to set up a company. Our Studio can handle every phase of the various procedures, providing the client with assistance and advice at every stage. This service includes: • incorporation of the company
• modifications to the corporate statute, mergers, corporate splits
• compliance with corporate obligations, corporate investments, winding-up procedures
• relations between the company and its shareholders
• purchases and sales
• contract consulting Fiscal consulting Clients who draw on the professional competence and experience offered by Studio Ghersetti know that they can count on receiving sound and reliable advice in the fields of direct and indirect taxation.
The Studio provides the most appropriate solutions and advice in all ordinary and assisted fiscal operations, tax returns, corporate planning and, where required, tax litigation.
Other services include the drawing-up of corporate financial statements (annual and six-monthly) and tax returns, as well as extraordinary procedures such as tax litigation, internationalization, tax optimization planning etc.

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